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Enhancing Your Property's Look with Remodeling, Construction & Siding Services in Atlanta, GA,& Surrounding Areas

Rely on Hill Top Roofing to restore the original beauty of your home or business with our remodeling and roofing services. Our full range of property improvement services includes pressure washing, painting, remodeling  services, and siding services in Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas. We're the smart alternative for construction and remodeling services in your area. Count on our highly skilled workers to give your property the fresh, new look you saw when you first fell in love with it.


Using top-quality brands such as HardiePlank on our siding services, as well as other wood and vinyl siding, we are able to offer a complete range of siding services. This includes new installation, replacement, and repair. Let us know what you need.

Moisture Issues

Vinyl siding is designed to prevent an airtight seal over the exterior surface of a house but does not have a waterproof design.  Therefore, the house must have a waterproof barrier installed over the exterior of the house underneath the siding before the siding is installed. The waterproof barrier holds moisture away from the home and prevents it from absorbing into the structure. If there are mistakes made during the installment of the waterproof barrier it could result in moisture issues. 

House Siding, Siding Services in Atlanta, GA

Mold and Algae

Mold is typically developed an areas of the siding that don’t receive direct sunlight and that also have a high level of moisture. Mold usually appears on siding as a gray or white powder with tiny specks of black. Eliminate areas that contribute to shade around the siding, for instance shrubs that touch the home and cause trapped moisture near the siding surface. Algae can also often appear on vinyl siding. There is a difference in color between mold and algae. In areas that stay moist and damp algae will usually create a unsightly green, brown or black discoloration over the surface of the siding.

Improper Flashing

At the time vinyl siding is being installed special flashing trim pieces surround edges of the siding and also structural elements like doors and windows. If the flashing is not properly installed, eventually with moisture damaging leaks can cause significant harm behind the siding.

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Pressure Washing

Have us impressively restore the look of your property on the outside with our detail-oriented pressure washing services. We thoroughly clean walls from top to bottom, leaving no trace of dirt behind.


We can remodel everything from bathrooms to basements. We'll beautifully transform any room in your home to your specific preferences and desires.


Our construction services include concrete work and room add-ons. We can attach screened porches, decks, and patios onto your home to give you the space you need.


Add distinction to your property when you hire Hill Top Roofing for your painting needs. Using only the best quality of paint and brands, we can bring back the life in everything from exterior surfaces to interior walls. Let us create the high-end finishes you deserve.

When working inside, we make sure to cover all items before we begin working. When outside, we will inspect all the wood surfaces for damage. We will make any necessary repairs before applying the new paint on the wood.


The leading contributor of the fading of paint is the sun. Over the course of time the exposure to sunlight will leave your home looking dull and faded. Wall location and shade coverage will determine how long paint will withstand the amount of sunlight before deterioration is noticeable.

Moisture & Humidity

In the deterioration of a home’s exterior paint moisture has a primary role. Each season there will be slightly more chipping damaged to the home caused by moisture in the form of rain, ice, snow, hail, and sleet. When water in the form of liquid and humidity soaks in-between the exterior wall material and the paint layer it causes the most destruction.  The water expands and contracts due to daily and seasonal temperatures oscillate between warm and cold as a result this slowly separates the paint from a building’s surface. Water is literally percolating in slow-motion under the paint’s surface in this type of corrosion.